Charles Barkley On Cam Newton: I Would Put A Bounty On Him If I Played Football


In just one season, Cam Newton has become the face of the NFL for criticism and praise all while having an MVP type season and leading his team to the Super Bowl.

NBA legend & current analyst for TNT’s Inside The NBA, Charles Barkley has never been one to hold his tongue for anyone. He will say what he wants, when he wants, whenever he wants without any regrets. Barkley was a guest on the “Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday, sharing what he believes the thought process could be for an opposing player having to watch the constant celebrations from Newton.

“If I played against Cam Newton, I’d put a hit on him, no question,” Barkley said, according to Amara Grautski of the New York Daily News. “Because they rub it in pretty good. It’s fun to watch, I guess, as a fan if you like Carolina. And I love sports, they’re having so much fun, but it wouldn’t be a lot of fun to play against.

“If you’re dabbing, and Superman-ing and you’re kicking my butt, I’m going to get the players together and say ‘The first guy who can hit that guy and take him out – we got to get rid of him, because they rub it in pretty good.”

So basically, if Charles Barkley played in the NFL, he would play for the New Orleans Saints.

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