Dirk Nowitzki Hits Game-Winner vs. Lakers, Gets Props from Kobe (Video)


During his nation-wide farewell tour, we’ve seen a side of Kobe Bryant that has been dormant (or at least hidden), as he’s acted like a human being, rather than some programmed competition machine.

For instance, in all the years he played, would you have ever expected him to congratulate an opponent on a shot DURING A GAME? Probably not, but that’s what he did last night when the closest person he has to a peer, Dirk Nowitzki, hit a clutch jumper with two seconds left to give the Mavs the lead over the Lakers–and shortly thereafter, the win.

Here’s the clip:

Not only did Dirk get props, but he got a full-on butt-slap from the NBA legend. Maybe Kobe’s trying to leave with a little more goodwill than he played with.

And let’s not forget Dirk. That was a killer shot.

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