New York Jets Begin 2016 Season 0-1; Cheerleaders Win Lawsuit Against Them



The New York Jets began their losing early this year, they went down to their own cheerleaders in a lawsuit filed against them. The Jets reportedly will have to shell out roughly $324,000 to their cheerleaders in order to finally put a class-action lawsuit to bed.

The lawsuit, which was settled on Friday, held claims from 52 current and former members of “The Flight Squad” that they were cheated out of wages, ordered to team practices that they were not compensated for, and forced to cover work-related expenses; things like makeup, hair care, and transportation to and from home games. 

As part of the settlement, Jets made no admission of “any liability of wrongdoing whatsoever.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the women will receive $2,559 to $5,913 each, depending upon whether they worked one or both seasons and whether they took part in 2012 and 2013 photo shoots for the Jets’ annual Flight Crew calendars.

Hold this L, New York Jets organization.

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