Troy Aikman Thinks RGIII or Johnny Manziel Will Be the Cowboys’ Backup Next Season (Video)

Troy Aikman on RG3 and Johnny Manziel

People have been talking about Johnny Manziel joining the Dallas Cowboys ever since owner Jerry Jones reportedly had to be physically restrained from drafting him two years ago. Less has been made of (but people have still been talking about) the possibility of Robert Griffin III picking up from Washington and heading Texas-way.  But that speculation hasn’t come from anyone particularly close to the organization…until now.

Troy Aikman, who probably knows more than many journalists about the workings of the Dallas Cowboys, has gone on record saying that he thinks one of them will be the Cowboys’ backup next year.

A young QB backing up Tony Romo could be in a very good spot to take the starting job in a couple years, provided they stop doing dumb stuff and/or getting hurt.  Could Johnny Football or RG3 fit the bill?

Here’s Aikman discussing the matter:

I don’t know if Cowboys fans should smile or cry with this news. It’s not like Dallas has been a breeding ground for good behavior, and RGIII is just a total wild card at this point.

But after the season they had, the Cowboys will need to show their fans that they are doing SOMETHING to change.

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