Chargers Remove Words “San Diego” from Social Media Avatars (Pics)

san diego chargers logo

Chargers fans in San Diego got a temporary reprieve from relocation when the NFL owners gave the green light to the Rams’ Inglewood stadium proposal a few weeks ago. However, they’re not out of the woods. Not by a long shot.

The Chargers’ owner, billionaire Dean Spanos, has been trying to get taxpayers to build him a shiny new stadium for a decade, and he’s fed up. So unless civic leaders in San Diego suddenly lose their nerve and bow down to our NFL overloards, the Chargers are almost certainly going to take the NFL up on its offer to join the Rams in Inglewood.

That’s why they took the step of applying for “Los Angeles Chargers” and “L.A. Chargers” trademarks last week. And it might be why, this week, their Twitter and Snapchat avatar went from this:

chargers remove san diego from social media logo 1
To this:

chargers remove san diego from social media logo 2
The team insists that the change was not a preemptive rebranding but an unfortunately timed aesthetic tweak. And that may very well be true. They didn’t just take away the “San Diego” word mark. They also took away the iconic lightning bolt. And the new avatars are less-cluttered.

Fans aren’t buying that excuse, though.

Brace yourselves, Chargers. When you finally announce the move, the backlash is going to be pretty severe.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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