HS Basketball Player’s Move Sends Defender off the Court and into the Stands (Video)


Before we get too far into this, I would like to state that this move isn’t THAT potent, and it’s most likely a result of some unchecked momentum that sends the defender not only off the court, but a few rows up into the stands. Thank goodness it wasn’t a crowded game.

That said, any time you’re a defender, and find yourself in the stands over anything other than a loose ball, you probably did something wrong. And if you question that philosophy, check out the comments on this Instagram post. They’re FAR more hilarious than the actual play.

I hope that high school defender was able to dust himself off and find his way back onto the court where the game was taking place.

“You ever seen a man get sent up the stairs?” ~Tyrese Mack #SCTop10 @t_maaack #FreakyRiqi #ThatManWantedToLeaveThePremises

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