Panthers Mike Tolbert On Manning: “We Don’t Care If It’s His Last Game”

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton has been a polarizing figure this year, the main topic of discussion of every NFL fan from dancing to giving kids footballs after every score. Panthers Fullback Mike Tolbert would like to take a little bit of that attention away from his star QB.

This may or may not be Peyton Manning‘s last game ever played in the NFL and what a career it has been if it is. Mike Tolbert couldn’t care less whether it is or it isn’t. He just wants to win by any means necessary.

“We don’t really care if this is his last game,” Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert said, via the Charlotte Observer. “He’s played what – 18, 19 years? He’s had enough, you know what I’m saying? It’s our turn.”

Tolbert’s teammate Tre Boston had a similar take on the possible end of Manning’s career:

“So if a man has the last piece of pizza in the world, are you going to take that last piece?” Boston asked. “One of y’all got to live! One of us has to win, and I’m not trying to lose. It’s you and that one man. You gonna live or not? I’m trying to win. I don’t care who you are.”

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