Turns Out Rapper Vince Staples Is a Brilliant and Hilarious NBA Fashion Critic (Video)

vince staples nba fashion critic

Vince Staples has been one of the most promising rising stars in hip hop for the last few years, often praised for his honest, insightful songs about a violence-plagued upbringing in Long Beach.

However, Staples is more than a talented rapper. He’s also very intelligent and hilarious with a keen fashion sense. So when the folks over at GQ asked him to play NBA fashion critic for a little web feature? Pure gold. Staples covers all the bases, from Carmelo Anthony‘s hats, to Joakim Noah‘s man-bun, to Jeremy Lin‘s Pokemon hair, to Kevin Durant‘s “cool Muslim who tasted bacon” look, to Chris Paul‘s argyle sweater vests, to Anthony Davis‘ unibrow, to LeBron James‘ retreating hairline. And it’s all f*cking fantastic.

Take a look:

TNT needs to sign Vince Staples and have him sit next to Barkley at the upcoming All-Star festivities. I would pay good money for that commentary.

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