Deceased Chicago Woman Takes One Last Shot At Bears QB Jay Cutler

26. Chicago Bears (5-8)

Poor Jay Cutler can never catch a break from the slander. He gets it from all sides, opposing fans, current and former players, his fans and now even deceased fans apparently. Cutler, who is known for untimely, horribly thrown interceptions & his nonchalant attitude towards everything got a diss from the afterlife. A recently deceased woman in Illinois didn’t get enough shots in at Cutler here on Earth, so she delivered one final punch in her obituary.

The obituary reads as:

“Elizabeth Porter Bowman, 78, of Northbrook, Illinois died peacefully January 9, 2016, surrounded by her children. Betsy was an elementary school teacher and later a tutor, but her passion and focus was being a dedicated and involved mother and grandmother. She was a woman of loyalty, integrity, opinion, curiosity and intelligence. A lifelong fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (except Jay Cutler).”

Read the entire obituary here.

Deceased Mic drop!

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