Check Out These (Fake) NFL Pro Bowl Tinder Profiles (Pics)

nfl pro bowl tinder profiles

It’s no secret that NFL players are big fans of Tinder. The so-called “dating” app has profoundly changed the way these famous, rich athletes locate and hook up with groupies. No longer must they go to bars and sit around while members of their entourage canvass the place. Now they just go to a bar and open Tinder, which is basically a catalogue of chicks who are DTF. (Mom, if you are reading this, DTF means “discussing their feelings.”)

Obviously, it would be amazing to see the Tinder profiles of real NFL players. However, as you may know, in order to see their profiles you would have to be in their general vicinity. And that’s tricky. So why not just use our imaginations like the folks over at The Kicker, who created this fantastic series of fake NFL Pro Bowl Tinder profiles. If you can’t get to Hawaii this weekend to check out actual NFL Tinder profiles, these are the next best thing.

Check ’em out:

pro bowl tinder profiles - charles woodson

pro bowl tinder profiles - tyrod tayler
NFL  tinder profiles - elvis dumervil

NFL  tinder profiles - richard sherman

NFL  tinder profiles - jerry rice

NFL  tinder profiles - michael irvin

NFL  tinder profiles - eli manning

NFL  tinder profiles - richie incognito

NFL  tinder profiles - pacman jones

NFL tinder profiles - odell beckham jr

And yes, Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor really is in the Pro Bowl. I couldn’t believe it either.

Hat Tip – [The Kicker]

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