Mark Davis Filed For Las Vegas Raiders Domain Name Back in 1998

Las Vegas Raiders domain register

Whenever someone files for a domain name, it’s usually because they either want to use that domain name for their own purpose, or perhaps they think the domain name may be of use to someone else that they can sell it to in the future.

With that being said, one can only assume that the reason current Los Angeles Raiders owner Mark Davis would register for the “LASVEGASRAIDERS.COM” domain name back in 1998 is because he and his late father, Al Davis, were contemplated moving the Raiders to Las Vegas back then.

Of course, by now you’ve probably already heard about how the Raiders currently have interest in making the move to Vegas. And judging by the screenshot below from GoDaddy (via Michael Brian Poe), it’s obvious that this isn’t the first time they’ve considered relocating to Sin City:

Las Vegas Raiders domain 1

Las Vegas Raiders domain 2

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