Peyton Manning Artfully Dodges Question about ‘Last Rodeo’ Comments to Belichick (Video)

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It’s fitting that Peyton Manning, in response to a question about his much-hyped comments to Bill Belichick, gave a response that was befitting the Pats head coach as well as conjuring thoughts of folk star James Taylor.

When asked about his statement to Bellichick after the AFC championship game that this could be his “last rodeo,” Manning said simply, “We’re on to Carolina.” He neglected to add “in our minds,” but it’s a safe bet that’s what he meant, since the game itself is being play in northern California.

Peyton wouldn’t even confirm the comments he made on video during the exchange, which also seems like a very Bellichick thing to do. He prefaced his comment with ““What happened to private conversations on the 50-yard line? I guess they just don’t exist anymore. No confirmation on that whatsoever.”

That’s right, Peyton. When you’re surrounded by cameras and hundreds of people as the center of attention, private conversations do NOT exist.


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