Oh, Dear God: Puerto Rican Corpse Sat at a Poker Table for His Own Wake (Pics)


Today in “awful things you can’t un-see”: A ghost-white corpse of a Puerto Rican man was seated at a poker table with his (living buddies) to honor his life at a wake. It sounds kinda cute, but the pictures dispense with that illusion pretty quickly. It’s a dead guy in tacky poker garb, seated upright.

Makes you realize that Weekend at Bernie’s, once you get past the hijinks, is a pretty dark film.

Here’s another awful picture. Make it stop:


Ahhhh! Take my money! I fold. You’re dead. Go in the ground!

His mom said to reporters, ““I want him to be remembered as a happy person because he was always like that.” 

Well, then maybe don’t offer this ghastly visage to the public. Let people use their imaginations to color their recollections of him.

Hat tip to Don Broj for the find.

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