The Super Bowl 50 Grounds Crew Accidentally Painted Both End Zones with Broncos Logos (Pics)

broncos end zone

In a move that is awesome and hilarious for fans, but probably a nightmare for the actual grounds crew, it turns out that the guys in charge of the field for Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium accidentally painted the Broncos logo in both end zones. Of course, it’s customary that each team gets one end zone.

After realizing the error, it was just a matter of pulling and scrubbing the work done on one of the two Broncos endzones and bequeathing one to that other team in the game, the Carolina Panthers.

As most every media outlet has reported (and rightfully so), this is a case of life imitating art when, about a decade and a half ago, Snickers depicted a similar gaffe in one of their commercials.

Here’s that awesome ad:

I hope they didn’t spell “Broncos” with an “e.”

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