Twitter Racists Go Off On Cam Newton Just Because He’s Black (PICS)

We’re just about a week out from Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara and the hot topic all season has been Cam Newton. Not his play on the field, but the constant dancing after touchdowns, dabbing, & the taking of flags/signs from opposing fans. None of which warrant any type serious anger, but for some people nothing Cam Newton does will ever be okay with them. No matter how many kids he makes happy by giving footballs away or interacting with the fans & having fun playing a game. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.

For some people, the very fact that he is a black QB succeeding in the NFL is enough for them not to like him. Let’s be clear, this is a small portion of people that don’t reflect an entire race at all, these are the weak-minded, scary individuals who hide behind a computer monitor and spout of racists tweets because they feel safe.

Cam Newton spoke on whether the dislike for him is fueled by something else other than his play on the field:

“I think it’s a trick question,” he said, “because if I answer truthfully, it’s going to be, ‘Oh, he’s this, that…’ But I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t think people have seen what I am or what I’m trying to do, and I said that prior to me being in this situation. But when I said it then, ‘Oh, he’s immature, he’s young, he’s this, that, and the third.’ I felt a certain type of way then, I feel the same type of way now. The only thing that has changed is that we’re winning. I said since day one, I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

Check out some of the Tweets below: