Watch Draymond’s Green Mom Inform Him He’s Made the All-Star Team (Video)


Draymond Green put up solid numbers in this, his fourth season as a Warrior, but they weren’t solid enough to get him on the starting All-Star roster, thanks in part to the goodwill shown towards Kobe Bryant in his last season. Fortunately, things worked out for Mr. Green, as we see in this video below.

While being interviewed by a local Bay Area sports station, the interviewer was interrupted by Green’s mom, who, after telling him that she loved him, informed Draymond that he was on the All-Star squad as a reserve.

Take a look at the awesome moment:

He spoke about the moment a little later on TNT, and shared with the world that he WANTED to cry when he learned the news, but didn’t want to get called out on social media. I don’t think he would have gotten TOO much grief for an emotional reaction to the news. I mean, all bets are off when your mom shows up, right?

I mean, look at her in her full Warriors gear. She could make Kobe cry with her enthusiasm.

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