How Being Called A ‘B*tch’ Led To Blake Griffin Beating Up Equipment Guy


It’s been about a week since Los Angeles Clippers Forward, Blake Griffin beat up the equipment guy leading to him breaking his hand and being out 4-6 weeks. Only thing we didn’t know was why since the reports out there was they were the best of friends. Much like Dwight Howard, NBA guys look at Blake as being soft and ultra sensitive and this sensitivity got the best of him on that faithful day.

According to reports — everyone in the Clippers organization — from management — to multiple teammates are upset with Griffin — as one player told TMZ Sports, “He let the team down.”

We’ve spoken with several people in the Clippers organization — including players — who tell us people are sour on Blake because he acted “selfishly” when he punched the team’s equipment manager.

Our sources tell us … Blake and Matias Testi had been arguing pretty intensely at Sotto Sotto in Toronto — but it escalated when Testi called Blake a “bitch” … and Blake felt disrespected.

The players we spoke with say they feel bad for both Blake and Testi — both are well liked in the organization — but they’re more upset with Blake because his stupid mistake really hurts the team.

Is the situation fixable? From what we’re told, yes … but it’s on Blake to win back the team — and the owner — who had issued a statement essentially saying Griffin was a disgrace to the team.

Griffin has been called many things while on the court and has never did anything towards guys his size, but he chooses the smallest man in the room to swing on when he gets called a ‘Bitch’.

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