‘IG Model’ Claimed Rape After Giants Tackle Wouldn’t Take Her Home [Update]


It was reported earlier that New York Giants defensive tackle Jay Bromley was under investigation for the rape of a woman in a hotel that he met on a social media website. We now know it was a woman from Instagram and then met in person early on Saturday and went to the Hyatt Herald Square Hotel.

Once in the room, the woman performed oral sex on Bromley but then didn’t want to go further, sources said.

“At that point, something took place that she didn’t want to take place,” a police source with knowledge of the investigation said.

The woman claimed that Bromley tried to rape her.

When the two parted ways she demanded the football star drive her home but he refused, the sources said.
She jumped on top of the hood of his car to stop him from leaving but he kept rolling down the street.
Not sure why you would want a guy who tried to rape you to take you home afterwards.

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