Steve Smith On Cam: Black Athletes Show Emotion, They’re Labeled As Thugs (Video)


We’re a week away from Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara that features the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver broncos and we’re still talking about the upset people who don’t like Cam Newton because he smiles & dances. Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith has never been one to hold his tongue on any subject, basically speaks his mind whenever.

In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, Smith cites how Richard Sherman was criticized for his outburst in the playoffs against Michael Crabtree as an example to show that black athletes who show too much emotion on the field are unfairly labeled “thugs.”

“Automatically people started calling him a thug,” Smith said. “They don’t call Aaron Rodgers [a] thug. They don’t call other guys of other colors thugs, but as soon as an African-American athlete does it, they say, ‘thug.’ “

“I think it has to do with a little bit of arrogance and also, I hate to say it this way, possibly the color of your skin playing quarterback,” Smith said Thursday on “The Dan Patrick Show.” “I think it does.”


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