Carmelo Anthony Broke Out the Stiff-Arm While Defending Steph Curry (Video)

Carmelo Anthony stiff arm Steph Curry

As we’ve seen time and again, no team in the NBA has found a reliable way to shut down the scoring machine that is the Golden State Warriors. So we can’t really fault Carmelo Anthony, someone who’s not exactly known for his defensive prowess, for trying out a new technique to stop them in their tracks.

Out at the top of the three-point line, he just kept his arm fully-extended, as if to keep the reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry at bay. Only problem for Melo is that stiff arms aren’t exactly legal, so Melo was called for a foul after his hand made contact with Steph’s head.

Considering the final score of the game was 116-98 for the Warriors, Carmelo may want to look for new techniques on defense.

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