Anonymous Tipster Says Jimmy Butler Is the Illegitimate Lovechild of Michael Jordan

jimmy butler michael jordan's illegitimate love child

Is Jimmy Butler the illegitimate lovechild of Michael Jordan? According to some anonymous Terez Owens tipster, yes.

Here’s what we know about Jimmy Butler, via Wikipedia: his father abandoned him as a baby, and when he was 13 his mom said “I don’t like the look of you” and kicked him out of the house. From that point on Butler bounced around from one friend’s house to another until the family of his friend Jordan Leslie took him in for good. Then he went to junior college before getting recruited by Marquette and drafted by the Bulls.

Here’s what the Terez Owens tipster had to say:

jimmy butler illegitimate love child of michael jordan
As you can see, there is absolutely no proof here. The story fits with what we know about Butler’s childhood, and it is definitely possible that Jordan has an illegitimate child or four out there in the world. Hell, it’s not even inconceivable that one of Jordan’s illegitimate kids would be playing in the NBA. But the idea that one of them would wind up being a star for the Chicago Bulls? That’s just way too good to be true.

You can see why somebody would make it up, though. Jordan’s kid playing for Jordan’s team, breaking records set by Jordan? You just want that to be true.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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