John Scott Scores Two Goals, Earns All-Star Game MVP (Videos)

John Scott All-Star Game MVP

The NHL didn’t even want John Scott in their All-Star Game (read all about that over here). But by the end of Sunday’s 3-on-3 All-Star Tournament, it was Scott’s Pacific Division team that would be victorious, with captain John Scott himself taking home MVP honors.

It was quite the evening for the 6’8″ enforcer.  He started things off with an early goal in the Pacific Division’s first game against the Central Division:

Then, a fight, of course–this one against 5’10” Hawks forward Patrick Kane.

And another goal:

The Pacific Division would go on to beat the Central Division, 9-6. And after beating the Atlantic Division in the finals, 1-0, Scott was named tournament MVP…

…and he took a victory lap on the shoulders of his teammates:

For someone who probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place, John Scott certainly made the most of his All-Star appearance, bringing a welcomed dose of attention to a game that is usually ignored by the sports world.

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