Washington Wizards F Jared Dudley: “Cowboys, Most Overrated Organization In All Of Sports”


Wizards Forward Jared Dudley spoke nothing but facts when he  joined former Clippers teammate J.J. Redick for the debut of his new podcast, “The Vertical with JJ Redick” on Monday. While the show was coming to an end, they began discussing what they feel are the most overrated things in sports. 

Jared Dudley’s response:

“My most overrated thing is the Dallas Cowboys,” Dudley said. “And I was thinking hard about this, let me tell you why. For one, when I played on the Clippers with you, you had DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, huge Cowboys fans. You look in the NBA, you have LeBron James. It’s America’s Team. That’s what they say. America’s Team, where it hasn’t won a championship in over 20 years.”

“I think it’s the most overrated organization in all of sports,” he continued. “And the reason why I’m going to say this is because, usually when you grow up you support your home team, usually growing up. I would say the Cowboy organization has more fans that are not from Dallas. But my whole thing is, now, how can they be bandwagon fans now? They haven’t won! Like Tony Romo, he’s got one or two playoff wins in 10 years.”

“They’re on SportsCenter more than any team,” he said. “The Patriots are winning Super Bowls left and right, you’ve got the Steelers have just as many championships, but we talk about the Cowboys like these guys are winning the Super Bowl every… it disgusts me. And I’m like ‘Why?!’ Am I a Cowboy hater? Yes. I’m a Cowboy hater because I feel like you give props to who’s good. Let’s give props to Seattle, let’s give props to the Patriots. When the season’s over, [they’re] gonna talk about Tony Romo’s surgery, [they’re] gonna talk about what’s Jerry Jones doing? Is Johnny Manziel going there? Who cares?! It’s the Cowboys.

… 1995.”

Check out the podcast here.

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