8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Interviews Peyton Manning at Super Bowl 50 Media Night

8-year-old cancer survivor interviews peyton manning super bowl 50 media night

Super Bowl media day is never informative. However, given all the “reporters” with dubious credentials, it’s usually pretty entertaining.

Last year, of course, the big story at Media Day was Marshawn Lynch. You may recall that he was only there so he wouldn’t get fined, which really pissed off a bunch of old media dudes.

This year the big story at Media Night (yeah, they changed it from Media Day to Media Night, because watching NFL players get interviewed is primetime entertainment) was 8-year-old cancer survivor Austin Denton. Austin has been cancer-free for six years, but his battle ravaged his spine and left him in a wheelchair. You’d never know he had any struggle from his cheerful demeanor, though. And on Monday night the aspiring broadcaster got to interview Peyton Manning for the NFL Network.

Check it out:


Obviously, Austin’s questions were a bit clich├ęd. But damn, the kid is eight years old! He’s clearly a natural talent. Don’t be surprised if you see him back at Media Night 20 years from now asking hard-hitting questions.

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