Brian Billick: “Manziel Has No Business In The NFL” (Video)

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Soon to be released QB of the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel just doesn’t get it or he simply doesn’t give a damn. Manziel, unlike most NFL players grew up filthy rich, his parents are LOADED. This chump change the Browns are paying him is nothing, so why does he need to buckle down and try harder to be the best he can be. He simply doesn’t care.

Former NFL coach Brian Billick appeared on Fox Sports 1 Tuesday and compared Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel to Ethan Couch, otherwise known as the “Affluenza Teen.” This is the teen who also grew up filthy rich, drove drunk and killed a bunch of people and got away with it.

“Off the field he reminds me of that affluenza kid,” Billick said. “He just doesn’t get it. And again, maybe the way he was raised he just doesn’t have the reference frame. For whatever it’s worth, I’ve seen nothing on the football field athletically, and the way he plays his game, to indicate he can last in the NFL.”

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