Dan Le Batard Calls Out Daily Snark for Ripping Off Brilliant @WhatHeLooksLike Twitter Feed (Tweets)

dan le batard @whathelookslike

For years now, one of the most popular segments on ESPN Radio’s Dan Le Batard Show has been their Looks Like game, the point of which is to make fun of famous sports personalities by coming up with funny descriptions of their physical appearance. It’s not politically correct, but it is hilarious.

Back in October, a fan created a Twitter account dedicated exclusively to this game, taking the descriptions from the show and matching them to unflattering pictures of the athletes. And thanks in part to an endorsement from Dan Le Batard himself—as well as the fact that it’s hilarious—the feed now has over 64,000 followers.

Of course, the reason Le Batard endorsed @WhatHeLooksLike is because it doesn’t obscure the source of its material. It says right there in the description that it’s a fan tribute, and it links straight to the official feeds of Dan Le Batard and co-host Jon Weiner. But what does Le Batard think about a third party website taking screen shots of @WhatHeLooksLike tweets, cropping out anything that mentions @WhatHeLooksLike, and then trying to pass the screen shots off as some sort of official collaboration between itself and the Dan Le Batard Show? what he looks like daily snark ripoff

Dan Le Batard does not approve:

And for that matter, neither do we:

Of course, the proper way to handle this sort of stuff would be to just embed the tweets, thereby making it 100% clear whose work it is. You know, like this:

One of these days Daily Snark will figure it out.

In the meantime, go follow @WhatHeLooksLike. It’s one of the best Twitter feeds around.

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