Report Says Former Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Gambled on Sports

randle 2

Just one day after reports came out that Joseph Randle had been involved at a verbal or physical altercation at his ex-girlfriend’s house, it’s now come to light, according to sources, that Randle was dismissed from the Cowboys abruptly because he was gambling on sports.

The details are foggy, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones states that there was never any reason to believe that he gambled on the NFL or influenced games. However, it was a big enough issue that the team asked him to pursue treatment, which he rejected. It was at that time that they waived him from the team.

In addition to this charge, he’s ben arrested for shoplifting, assaulting a cop at a Kansas City casino (more gambling, it would seem), and the ex-girlfriend run in. It’s sounding less and less likely that they talented running back will find a new home with trials like these.

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