Man Videobombs Italian Sports Reporter with Inflatable Banana, Gets Beaten with It (Video)

italian sports reporter inflatable banana videobomber

The trade deadline in European soccer is a pretty big deal, just like it is in North American sports. They don’t call it a trade deadline, of course. They call it the closing of the “transfer window.” But it’s basically the same thing. Teams scramble to make last-minute deals before rosters are locked into place for the remainder of the season, and sports reporters provide up-to-the-minute reports on transactions and rumors.

However, there is one small difference between the European transfer window and the North American trading deadline. In North America, when idiots see sports journalists doing live reports, they go up to them and yell “f*** her right in the p****.” In Europe, however, they just do weird sex-type things to or behind them.

A few years back it was a couple of drunk dudes dry-humping each other (thankfully while fully clothed) behind one Sky Sports reporter. Last year it was some guy (probably also drunk) sticking a purple dildo in another Sky Sports reporter’s ear.

This year? This year we have some jackass rubbing an inflatable banana all over an Italian reporter’s face…until that reporter loses it, snatches the inflatable banana, and beats the man with it.

Take a look:

Obviously, if you’re a European sports reporter, deadline day is your least favorite day of the year.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]