Denver Broncos Fan Drops $6,000 on Fake Super Bowl Tickets (Video)

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The Super Bowl may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for most fans to see their favorite team play in the biggest game of the year. The ticket prices are going to be outrageous so you should always take precautions when trying to find a deal on sketchy websites. Craigslist is definitely a sketchy website and dropping huge amounts of cash should be a HELL NO.

As soon as this Broncos fan decided to buy anything on Craigslist, it was that moment he should of have known..He f*cked up.


Per 31 Fox Denver:

One seller on Craigslist used the same fake tickets at least twice to scam buyers out of several thousand dollars.

One man in Denver answered the ad and agreed to pay $6,000 for both tickets only to receive an envelope with blank pieces of paper inside.

“But I honestly thought, yeah, the tickets are going to be real. There’s nobody that would go through these lengths knowing that the purchase is protected,” Cody Sudmeier said.

Sudmeier was smart enough to pay for the tickets with PayPal Protected. He will be able to get his money back after PayPal investigates.

Denver police have tracked the scammer to a man in Kansas.

H/T – Fox 31 Denver

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