Microsoft HoloLens Virtual Reality Computer Could Change the Way We Watch Sports (Videos)

microsoft hololens nfl super bowl

Microsoft has been developing their HoloLens virtual reality computer headset for a long time now. Supposedly it’s going to maybe hit the market this year, and there are rumors that it will run you about $3,000. Other than that, we know very little about it.

However, the computing giant has been giving demonstrations of what the HoloLens can do since last spring, and each one has been incredibly impressive.

For example, here’s what the HoloLens could mean for everyday computing:

And here’s what it could mean for gaming:

Basically, the HoloLens merges computer applications into your surroundings, turning your home into Stark Tower.

Now, just in time for the Super Bowl—of which Microsoft is a proud corporate sponsor—the tech giant has unveiled a new HoloLens concept video, showing how their new virtual reality computer headset could change the way we watch sports:

Like I said, this video is a concept, not a demonstration. But if you watched the videos above, you can get an idea of how the NFL concept could become a reality. Perhaps one day we’ll use the HoloLens to turn our living room wall into a 150″ screen and have virtual players crash through the wall to read their player bios.

Is immersing yourself in a virtual reality a good thing? I’ll leave that to the psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers.

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