Here Are Some Women Trying to Guess What Random Football Terms Mean (Video)

women guess football terms

Hey, the Super Bowl is coming up. That means it’s time to laugh about how women don’t know anything about football.

Why? Well, anyone who knows a lot about one particular subject matter thinks it’s funny that other people don’t know anything about it. Your company’s IT people? They all sit around at lunch and share stories about how stupid you sound when you try to explain what’s wrong with your computer. English majors? They think it’s hilarious when they make literary references the pre-med kids don’t understand. And football bros? They think it’s hilarious when women or foreigners don’t know anything about football. That’s just the way human beings work. We like feeling superior.

The video we have here comes from the folks over at It’s called “What’s That Slang?” and in it “a bunch of girls” try to guess what some random football terms mean.

Of course, by “a bunch of girls” I mean five. And by “try to guess” I mean they actually just try to make up stupid stuff.

Now, I know what you are thinking, and no, the video is not sexist. You see, they have a female football expert give the correct definitions, thereby nullifying the implication that girls are dumb dumbs who can’t understand complicated man things like football. Phew!

Also, did I mention there’s cleavage?

Take a look:

Go football!

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