Check Out Antonio Brown’s ‘Business is Boomin’ Rolls-Royce Phantom (Pic)

ab rolls royce

The Super Bowl isn’t just a big deal for the players in the game. Since the NFL’s all-star game is a terrible joke, the Super Bowl serves as an equivalent of the NBA All-Star game for all the players not lucky enough to play.

So when making a splash in the host city (San Fran this year), a rented luxury car goes a long way towards making an impression.

Just ask Antonio Brown, who is bombing around town in a two-tone matte copper Rolls Royce with his silhouette and number on the quarter panel. And a giant adhesive that says “Business is Boomin” on the side.

Not quite good enough to be playing in the championship game, but, you know…good.

Trust Jim Rome. He’s a bad-whip expert.

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