BREAKING: Police Open Investigation Into Johnny Manziel Domestic Violence Incident

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It was previously reported that the Dallas Police would not be charging Johnny Manziel following last Saturday’s altercation with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

That may no longer be the case after Dallas Police announced Friday evening that they were opening a criminal investigation into the January 30 incident involving Manziel and Crowley.

“This is an ongoing investigation and updates will be made as information becomes available,” read the statement released by the Dallas Police earlier this evening. Crowley also reportedly got a protection order against Manziel which forbids the Browns quarterback from coming within 500 feet of her house and workplace for the next two years.

According to the report, the incident began at Hotel ZaZa in downtown Texas. While there, Manziel is believed to have hit Crowley several times before forcing her into a car and telling her to, “shut up or I’ll kill us both.” From there, the two of them continued to argue while driving and Crowley was struck several more times before arriving at her apartment in Fort Worth. That is when the Fort Worth Police were called to the scene and a helicopter was eventually dispatched to find Manziel after they were told that he was unstable.

News of the investigation comes on the same day that Manziel lost his agent, Erik Burkhardt.

Earlier today his father told the Dallas Morning News that he feared his son would not live until his 24th birthday if he didn’t get help. Paul Manziel also said that he’s tried to get his son into rehab twice in the past week. Johnny refused on both occasions.

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