Marshawn Lynch Has Reportedly Saved $49 Million In NFL Earnings

Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers

If Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch decides to ride off into the sunset and retire, he will do so having saved pretty much all of his NFL earnings. That is amazing in this day and age where athletes go broke 2 or 3 years after retirement.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport has been saying this for years, which makes sense why Lynch wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if he decides to retire this offseason.

“The Seahawks star running back just opened his first Flagship ‘Beastmode’ store— he’s got endorsements out the a** — and according to the NFL Network insider — Lynch has saved every dime of the $50 million he’s made since entering the NFL.”


Shout out to Marshawn and his financial advisers. 

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