Poll: Patriots Have Surpassed The Cowboys As The Most Hated Team In America


For the first time in PublicPolicyPolling’s history, the Dallas Cowboys are not the most hated team in the NFL. That honor now belongs to the New England Patriots. The Cowboys are the 2nd most hated team in the NFL and the poll also revealed they don’t deserve to be called ‘America’s Team’.

“Every time we’ve done a poll over the years on the most hated team in the NFL the Cowboys have won out. But this year there’s a new sheriff in town- 23% of fans say the Patriots are their least favorite team with the Cowboys dropping to second at 20% and no one else in double digits. It may be nice for the Cowboys to have dropped to only second most hated but we also asked if people still consider them to be America’s team and only 27% of fans do, to 64% who say they don’t deserve that designation.”

Other polls the website provides is whether people think Ravens QB Joe Flacco is elite or not:

“And we put the great question of our times to the test and found that only 21% of NFL fans think Joe Flacco is a elite Quarterback- 35% think he is not and 44% have no opinion on the matter one way or another.”

Favorite and least favorite Quarterback poll:

“Tom Brady is their favorite QB to 16% for Peyton Manning, 13% for Aaron Rodgers, and 11% for Cam Newton. Brady has even more support when it comes to who people’s least favorite QB is, with 29% to 10% for Tim Tebow with no one else in double digits.”


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