How ‘Keep Pounding’ Became The Panthers’ Team Motto (Video)


If you’re on social media regularly, I’m sure you’ve seen Carolina Panthers fans with the hashtag ‘Keep Pounding’. Personally I thought this was a saying that popped up this year because the Panthers were winning, I was sadly mistaken, there’s actually an incredible story behind the phrase.

“The words come from former Panthers linebacker and coach Sam Mills Jr., who gave a motivational speech to the Panthers and urged the team to “keep pounding” before a 2004 Wild Card game against the Cowboys. Mills was battling intestinal cancer, and died in 2005 at the age of 45.”


“Mills first used the phrase “Keep Pounding” as a coach in an emotional speech to the team prior to the Panthers’ playoff game versus the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 2, 2004. He spoke about commitment, dedication to teammates, team effort and never giving up. Mills asked the players to “Keep Pounding.”

The spirit of Keep Pounding encourages cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones to always “Keep Pounding” to overcome obstacles in their lives, just as we hope that someday a cure will be found and cancer will be overcome.”

H/T – ForTheWin

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