Robert Horry: “Steph Curry, A More Dangerous Offensive Player Than Kobe In His Prime (Audio)

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors

Robert “BigShot Bob” Horry won seven NBA championships during his 16-year career. He played along side Kobe Bryant from 1997-2003 winning 3 NBA championships along the way.

During an interview with Justin Termine on SiriusXM NBA Radio when asked to choose between Stephen Curry and peak Kobe Bryant as the most dangerous offensive player.

“Kobe in his prime really wasn’t that great of a three-point shooter,” Horry said. “He was a drive, get-to-the-hole, dunk-on-you type of guy. Steph can drive and float you. He can shoot it from half court. You have to guard him at all times.”

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