Knicks Fire Derek Fisher While All Eyes Are Focused on the Super Bowl

derek fisher

The Knicks aren’t as bad as they had been for the past decade or so, but apparently their front office feels that a coaching change can take them from a middling twelfth to something a little bit better. Maybe not this season, but with the young talent they have…soon.

So the Knicks fired coach Derek Fisher this morning, while all attention was still focused on Super Bowl 50. Firing a coach is always a sign of failure, so it’s hard to blame them for wanting to make a big deal about it in the media, but it’s still interseting strategic timing. It makes you wonder when they actually made the decision. Was it a month ago and they just decided to wait until Super Bowl Monday? Or was it yesterday?

Given the recent 1-9 stretch, I don’t think they waited too long to pull the trigger. Assistant Kurt Rambis will serve as interim coach.

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