Sir Poke-A-Lot Aqib Talib Admits To Deliberately Grabbing Corey Brown’s Facemask


In the first half of last night’s Super Bowl, Aqib Talib committed 2 personal fouls in the first 20 minutes of action. The most egregious one was the facemask  in the second quarter against Carolina Panthers WR, Corey Brown. It was a really violent looking facemask that can change a player’s career in an instance if twisted the wrong way.

Talib didn’t hold back and even admitted to doing it on purpose:

“It was all good,” Talib assured. “It was B.S. flags. One was on our sidelines — the guy was talking on our sideline. One I just did on purpose, and I just had to show him. It’s probably going to be a fine, but hey, we’re world champs.”

Talib’s first personal foul came when he was called for taunting after pushing Panthers wideout Corey Brown out of bounds following a Broncos sack.

“We were just talking, and it was getting a little chippy, so the ref picked me to slow the game down,” Talib said. “We didn’t do anything. We were just talking noise to each other, me and (Brown), a regular conversation.”

“My teammates knew what it was,” Talib said. “He was on the 3-yard line. (With) a personal foul, he was on the 1 1/2-yard line, so it is what it is.”

H/T – ProfootballTalk

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