Tony Romo Throws 3 Interceptions While Watching The Super Bowl


DALLAS – Last night, Tony Romo ended an injury filled season exactly like we thought he would, throwing three interceptions while watching Super Bowl 50 from his couch. A concussed, drunk Tony Romo told Tom Brady earlier in the season “See you in February” clearly not realizing he was under contract playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

“I mean, he tried his best. The most important thing he can take away from this performance is that he had fun…I think” – said Romo’s wife Candice Romo. “I don’t understand, our son was standing 2 feet from him & I intercepted him 3 consecutive times and I was in the kitchen. THE KITCHEN!”

Tony Romo denied any & all requests for a post-couch interview, though he did repeat constantly that this performance counts as making it to the real game. No it doesn’t Tony. No, it doesn’t.

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