Conan Did a Great Imitation of Cam Newton’s Press Conference (Video)

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Conan O’Brien isn’t known for being a real sports-minded talk show host. More often, the comedy he derives from sports is from acting like a clueless outsider. But he stepped up his game last night, tossing on a hoodie and doing his best imitation of Cam Newton at the now infamous post-Super Bowl press conference.

Here’s the clip:

As you can see, the whole thing is pretty meta, with Conan attending the press conference after a Cam Newton joke flops, and he has to discuss his failure.

Sports may not be his forte, but I’d like to see Conan do more of these. Maybe a throwback to Allen Iverson’s “practice?” presser should be next.

I wonder if people will chide Conan for being immature and unprofessional after this skit. History says they might.

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