Kobe Gave a Pair of Shoes to Paul George After Last Night’s Game (Pics)

kobe paul george

Now that a fork has been stuck in the NFL season, the Kobe Bryant farewell tour will likely get more and more attention.

It began last night.  After Paul George and the Pacers edged out Bryant and the Lakers, 89-87, Kobe swung by the Indiana locker room and bequeathed the rising star with a pair of his kicks.

This seems to be the standard Kobe gift these days, but it’s still a very nice sentiment, and it’s not hard to see the symbolism of the moment.

Here’s the pic via Twitter:

The best part? Kobe looks even happier to give the shoes than George does to receive them. If Kobe keeps this up, he might resemble a real, actual, emotional human by the end of the year!

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