NFL Bans Players Convicted of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse from Combine

nfl combine

In an effort to show that they’re serious about cracking down on the myriad domestic violence issues that have plagued the league, the NFL has announced that players convicted of domestic violence, sexual assault, and weapons offenses won’t be allowed to attend the scouting combine.

While this seems like a decent response at first, it’s a little weird that the scope of the ban is limited to those offenses, and not others. Of course, the NFL has seen more pressure and bad publicity from the domestic violence issue, but it’s a little weird to put it “ahead” of regular assault and many other crimes.

It would be simpler, and ultimately more reasonable to just say, “Hey, no felons or anyone convicted of violent crimes are allowed at the combine.”

But that doesn’t make as catchy a headline.

Hat Tip – [NFL]


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