Peyton Manning Earns $2-Million Bonus For Winning Super Bowl 50


Another championship ring and one last chance to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy are just two of the ways in which Peyton Manning was rewarded for winning Super Bowl 50.  But perhaps his greatest benefit from winning Sunday’s big game will come in the form of a $2-million bonus that he’ll receive from the Broncos for bringing them a championship.

According to TheScore, Manning took a $4-million pay cut at the start of the season.  That pay cut was then converted into two separate bonuses for the Broncos quarterback: one worth $2-million if he made it to the Super Bowl, and another, also worth $2-million, if he won it all.

Of course, Manning accomplished both of those feats, therefore recouping the $4-million he surrendered to help free up some cap space for his team during last offseason.

Good karma?

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