TMZ Releases Alternate Angle Of LeSean McCoy Bar Brawl (Video)


Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy might be hearing from Roger Goodell pretty soon once he takes a look at these videos months from now(Obvious Ray Rice reference). Yesterday, Crossing Broad released a video of the bar brawl that McCoy was involved in that left two off-duty officers seriously injured, it was hard to spot exactly which pixel was LeSean McCoy.

Today, TMZ obtained an alternate angle where you can clearly see the RB’s face as he gets pushed backwards from the pile.

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of the LeSean McCoy bar fight video — in which you can see the NFL star’s face … as mayhem ensues in a brawl that left 2 off-duty cops badly injured. Multiple sources at the Philly PD have verified … this video shows the incident cops are investigating and as one police source put it — “We believe the man in the red boxers who gets pulled into the ice bucket is LeSean McCoy.”

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