UCLA Gymnast Dabs, Whips, Nae Naes During Awesome Floor Routine (Video)

UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus

UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus is never going to win an Olympic medal. At 21 years old, she’s already ancient by the absurd standards of Olympic gymnastics. However, DeJesus did win the internet this week, thanks to a sick, hip hop-infused floor routine that helped the Bruins squeak out a season-opening victory over defending Pac-12 champs Utah at the Pauley Pavilion on Saturday.

The crowd was on its feet the second DeJesus strutted out onto the floor because they could sense something good was about to happen. They were clapping in unison by the time she whipped and nae naed after her first tumbling pass. And they were going absolutely nuts by the time she concluded with a salute and a Cam Newton style dab.

Unfortunately we don’t see DeJesus dab because the video actually cuts to a shot of DeJesus’ teammate dabbing. But you can use your imagination.

Take a look:

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Yes, that commentary was painfully lame, but is doesn’t detract from Sophina’s performance, which earned a score of 9.925 from the judges.

If you want to keep tabs on DeJesus as she finishes her senior season, go follow her on Instagram.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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