Lamar Odom Update: Former NBA Star Reportedly Experiences Miraculous Turnaround

lamar odom update miraculous recovery

Last we heard, Lamar Odom was not doing well. The former Lakers star was unable to walk, speak, or recognize friends and family for a long time after suffering multiple strokes during a drug-filled weekend at a Nevada brothel back in October. Some of his doctors even feared the brain damage might be permanent.

However, today we have some good news. According to TMZ, Odom has made a turnaround that is nothing short of miraculous.

On Sunday, Odom went for a hike with Kim and Khloe Kardashian, parts of which they apparently live-streamed, because of course they were. And while they didn’t show Odom’s face, they made it clear that he was with them.

After that, TMZ got a scoop from their Kardashian insiders…who are probably just the Kardashians’ publicists. Apparently Lamar’s cognitive abilities have increased dramatically. While he is still a little slow and forgetful on occasion, for the most part Odom now recognizes family and friends and is able to think, speak, and carry on conversations.

As for his physical ability, TMZ says they were told that Odom completed the hike with ease, and may be able to live on his own again in a matter of months.

Welcome back, Lamar.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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