Controversy? Super Bowl Replay Assistant Was From Denver, Wife a Broncos Fan (Pics)

Super Bowl Replay Assistant

The NFL has had their fair share of officiating controversies over the course of the past season.  And it’s beginning to look like the Super Bowl was just the latest instance of such.

Earlier today we told you about the missed offside call on the Panthers’ missed field-goal at the start of the third quarter–a botched call that Broncos coach Gary Kubiak also acknowledge during the game.

And then there was Panthers cornerback Josh Norman, who claimed that his team was playing both the Broncos and the refs on Sunday.

Now, there’s a report circulating that Jimmy Oldham, the replay assistant assigned to Super Bowl 50 by the NFL, is actually a resident of Denver.  And his wife is an avid Broncos fan.

Here’s the evidence, via the Facebook account of Oldham’s wife (obtained by The Lead Sports):

Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 1 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 2 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 3 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 4 Jimmy Oldham Wife - Super Bowl Replay Assistant 5

Does this mean Jimmy Oldham had a part in helping the Broncos win the Super Bowl? Does it explain why the officials refused to overturn an incomplete ruling on what appeared to be a Jerricho Cotchery catch in the first quarter? Certainly not.

The replay assistant is not responsible for making any rulings on coach’s challenges or any other replay reviews. Rather, they simply assist the referee in his decisions. So Oldham was not the one making the final call.

At the same time, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that Jimmy Oldham may have had at least somewhat of an influence on the head referee’s final ruling, which begs the question, “What the heck was he doing there in the first place?”

How does the NFL not look into stuff like this? How do they even begin to explain their decision to allow a Denver resident, with a wife who is clearly a Broncos fan, to be a part of the officiating crew for a Super Bowl that involves the Denver Broncos?

My conclusion to all of this? The Broncos still deserved to win the game, and the fact that there was a Denver resident on the officiating crew doesn’t change that one bit.

However, I still believe that Jerricho Cotchery did not drop the ball, but the NFL sure as hell did.

Hat Tip – [The Lead Sports]

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