This Warriors Fastbreak Is a Metaphor for Their Whole Season (Video)

fast break

The only thing strange and surprising about this INSANE Golden State Warriors fastbreak last night against the Rockets is that they were tied with the Rockets in the 3rd quarter. Aside from that, nothing Golden State does really seems out of the ordinary.

They ran circles around the notoriously sluggish Rockets on this play, with Curry getting a rebound as he teetered on the baseline, flicking it to Draymond Green, who returned it to Curry, who shot a LONG behind-the-back pass to Iguodala, who connected with Leandro Barbosa for the alley-oop lay-up.

Here’s the clip:

It doesn’t even look hard for them, does it? Can the West just field the Warriors with a cameo by Kobe for the All-Star game? Other players would only screw up the chemistry.

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