Uber Drivers Shares Heartwarming Story About Blackhawks Goalie/Awesome Human Scott Darling (Tweet)

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Chicago Blackhawks backup goalie Scott Darling doesn’t take anything for granted.

In 2010 Darling he was kicked off the powerhouse Maine hockey team for partying and drinking too much. Then, the following summer, he was cut loose by the Phoenix Coyotes, the NHL team that had drafted him three years earlier. So he bounced around the lowest-level pro hockey leagues in North America for a few years until finally, in 2011—after getting fired by his goalie coach and cut by a team in something called the Southern Professional Hockey League—Darling realized he had to get help. So he did.

A year later Darling’s goalie coach had hired him back. By 2012/2013 Darling was playing for the ECHL affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins. By 2013/14 he was playing for the AHL affiliate of the Nashville Predators. And last season, while playing for the AHL affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks, he got called up to the NHL, eventually winning three playoff games for the Hawks and getting his name inscribed on the Stanley Cup.

So like I said, Darling, 27, doesn’t take anything for granted. He may be a fan favorite now, but five years ago his life was in shambles.

That’s what makes the following story so incredible:

Darling’s response to the tweet?

Scott Darling: good goalie, awesome human.

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